Thursday, June 16, 2011

Simple Nautical Ideas to Add to Your Event!

With the start of summer comes the love of all things that do with water. From beaches to boats, sand to shells, fishing polls to surfboards it seems like no one can get enough of oceans and lakes. Nautical themes are formal, yet a little more fun and relaxed. Done right, they are classic, timeless themes that can add the perfect element to your wedding or event.

The key to adding a nautical element to your event is keeping it simple. Nautical themes really allow small details to shine. The common element between all these ideas is that they are crisp and clean. When any idea or theme gets too busy, it can come off as tacky. Like every concept, it is important not to go over do it! Below you will find our favorite ideas that can be incorporated into any event, nautical or not!

The deep colors really make these invitations visibly striking. Dark blues, clean whites and light browns are colors that compliment each other well. Once again, simplicity is key! What we love about them the most is the combination of formality and ruggedness.

Outdoor venues provide the perfect opportunity to add nautical elements. Like the invitations, linens and décor are kept simple. An idea we loved is tying small pieces of rope around teacup candles. A personal favorite is also the linens on the marsh- the two elements combine perfectly!

This multi tiered cake is a great example of adding a theme without overdoing it. Some beach and nautical themes can look cheap, but this cake designer was able to bring out the best concepts.

Adding a nautical element to your event, when done correctly, can make it pop! Just remember to keep it simple and don’t go “overboard”!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Modern Twists on Traditional Guest Books

Even the best of guest books can become cluttered, messy, and difficult to read. Below, you'll find several ideas that we love to add an unique twist to an old-fashioned tradition!

This innovative guest book personalizes each message, and its colorful envelopes have a fun and youthful appeal. The envelopes also allow guests the opportunity to leave more private and meaningful messages, something they may not be inclined to do if they know another hundred and fifty people will be reading what they wrote.

Wine bottle guest books are one of the latest trends in weddings. Simple, easy and creative, this idea allows your guests to be concise in their messages, taking the pressure off of those who have difficulty putting their thoughts on paper. It can also be be used later as a decorative piece in your home, serving as a constant reminder of your special day. All you need is a large enough wine bottle and colorful sharpie pen (silver tends to work best)!

A Mad Lib guest book is a lighthearted approach that let's your guests show their sense of humor. An easy icebreaker, the personalized Mad Lib is a fun way for your guests to send you their well wishes while making you laugh at the same time. Easy to create, this idea can be created using any simple word processor!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Rich Smith Photography

One of our favorite photographers, Rich Smith, just had a stunning bridal photo shoot at the ruins in Barnsley Gardens. The images are nothing less than spectacular, dovetailing the romanticism of being a bride with the ruins of an antebellum plantation.

Only a short drive from both Chattanooga and Atlanta, Barnsley Gardens is a fantastic golf resort that sits on the site of a former plantation in Adairsville, Georgia. It’s rich history, along with its natural charm, create a perfect destination for a weekend get away or event. For more information, visit their website -

What we love must about Rich Smith’s images are that they capture what a photo is supposed to do – tell a story. He captures a bride who is surrounded by lush greenery as she explores the beautiful remains of a Southern plantation. They are simple yet elegant, and tug at the core of human desires – to love and to explore.

To see more of these phenomenal photos, visit his website,»-bridal.html!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Wedding Trends from Across the Pond

When Prince William and his fiancé, Kate Middleton, wed on April 29, the entire world will watch with baited breath to see the biggest royal spectacle in decades. The trends this famous couple has set can already be seen, even here in the States. Like his mother and father, William and his bride-to-be are influencing wedding styles for many years to come.

When his mother, Princess Diana wed in 1981, her wedding gown ignited a desire with brides around the world to copy her dramatic look. Designers frantically tried to meet the demands, creating gowns that copied her iconic puffed sleeves, lace cuffs and ruffled neckline. There is no doubt that future brides will be anxiously awaiting Kate Middleton’s choice in a dress to find their own inspiration.

Kate’s engagement ring has even sparked a new craze among women around the globe. Many brides are starting to seek out non-traditional gemstones, like sapphires and diamonds in various colors, allowing them to add their own personal touch to their ring.

Despite the non-traditional engagement ring, the return to more traditional wedding features appears to be the most influential trend set by the famous couple. Many couples-to-be have taken cues from the royal nuptials by adding rich features to their special day. Elaborate and ornate invitations, dramatic lighting, and lush floral arrangements are all major trends to be seen this season.

When planning your own wedding or event, adding traditional elements can be a nice touch that ties everything together. However, it is important to make sure you add your own flare in any event you have. While traditional, royal themes may seem appealing, any direction chosen should reflect who you are, so you don’t feel like a guest at your own event.

Be sure to catch the excitement of the Royal Wedding on April 29th (two weeks!), airing on BBC America.