Thursday, June 16, 2011

Simple Nautical Ideas to Add to Your Event!

With the start of summer comes the love of all things that do with water. From beaches to boats, sand to shells, fishing polls to surfboards it seems like no one can get enough of oceans and lakes. Nautical themes are formal, yet a little more fun and relaxed. Done right, they are classic, timeless themes that can add the perfect element to your wedding or event.

The key to adding a nautical element to your event is keeping it simple. Nautical themes really allow small details to shine. The common element between all these ideas is that they are crisp and clean. When any idea or theme gets too busy, it can come off as tacky. Like every concept, it is important not to go over do it! Below you will find our favorite ideas that can be incorporated into any event, nautical or not!

The deep colors really make these invitations visibly striking. Dark blues, clean whites and light browns are colors that compliment each other well. Once again, simplicity is key! What we love about them the most is the combination of formality and ruggedness.

Outdoor venues provide the perfect opportunity to add nautical elements. Like the invitations, linens and décor are kept simple. An idea we loved is tying small pieces of rope around teacup candles. A personal favorite is also the linens on the marsh- the two elements combine perfectly!

This multi tiered cake is a great example of adding a theme without overdoing it. Some beach and nautical themes can look cheap, but this cake designer was able to bring out the best concepts.

Adding a nautical element to your event, when done correctly, can make it pop! Just remember to keep it simple and don’t go “overboard”!