Friday, December 9, 2016

For The Foodie

Dear Bride-To-Be,
The holidays are quickly approaching, and while that may be
most people’s favorite time of the year, here at Soirées we are
counting down the days to the summer wedding season! With
our calendar filling up, we started looking for ways to make
each wedding special and set apart from all the rest. While
showing your own personal flair with décor, flowers, and
color schemes are great ways to make your wedding day
reflect who you are, we have found a few great ways to
make the food a part of the experience as well!

1.) Comfort Foods
-What better way to greet your guest during
cocktail hour than to have a few foods that’s sure to
make every guest reminiscent of their childhood favorites.
Try serving tomato bisque in a small glass
 with a grilled cheese garnish. Or everyone’s summer favorite-
fruit salad with a fresh sprig of mint!

2.) Edible Escort Cards
-Why not send your guests to their seats with a tasty treat they are sure to enjoy! A cake pop with a small tag including their name and table number will be a cute and unexpected twist to the traditional escort card!


3.)Serve YOUR Favorites!
-Your guests will love getting to know more about you
and your likes and dislikes, so don’t be afraid to serve
your favorite foods! If you are a lover of all things starch,
set up a mashed potato bar where guests can spruce
up their mashed potatoes with all their favorite toppings!
If your groom isn’t a fan of cake, serve ice cream instead
 of a Groom’s Cake! Guests will have so much fun getting
 to indulge in your favorite foods with you!

4.) Seasonal Beverages
-Here in the south, we all love sweet tea and lemonade
during the hot summer months! However, serving some fun,
seasonal drinks at your wedding would be a great way to beat
the summer heat in a new and exciting way! A berry sparkler
would be a tasty way to combine summer fruits with club soda
and tea to make a refreshing splash to the wedding beverage norms!


5.) Tasty Take-Homes
-Having wedding favors for your guests is such a great way
to show them how much you appreciate them taking the time
to celebrate such a wonderful event in your life. They say the
easiest way to someone’s heart is through their stomach so
why not show your appreciation by sending them home with
a tasty treat! There are tons of ways to personalize candy,
which can be totally fun! But another great idea is to send your
left over cake home with your guests! Placing a piece of cake
in a small box with a personalized sticker is such a cute way
to ensure your delicious cake doesn’t go uneaten!

We hope these tasty ideas help make your wedding food
reflect who you are all the way from cocktail hour to wedding
favors! Never be afraid to break traditions to allow your
wedding to be uniquely, extraordinarily, and undeniably YOU!

Happy planning!