Wednesday, September 27, 2017

How to Say 'Thank You' to Your 'I Do' Crew

Congrats on finding your mister, but now you need your sisters!  Here is a breakdown of the in-and-now do's of how to say thank you to your 'I Do' crew.

Step 1) Time Frame To Ask Your Crew 
How to ask her once he's asked you:
There are various creative outlets one can use to let your girlfriends know that you might need something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue, but the most important thing you need is them standing next to you!  A good rule of thumb is to ask your gals to be your bridesmaids anywhere between a year to eight months before your wedding. That gives them plenty of time to plan the bachelorette party and get their dresses. Any less time than this may not be enough for them to make the commitment.

Step 2)  
Now comes the fun part!  You know the old saying: "giving is better than receiving"...?  Well, this is one of those times.  Not only are your girls going to be equally as thrilled as you to get to stand next to you on your big day, but being asked is one of the best parts for you both.  The trend, as of late, has been to assemble a little box of personalized and pampering goodies topped off with a creative note to pop the question to them, as he has to you!  

Soirées' Team has hand picked one our favorite ways to ask your ladies to plan, stand, cry and laugh 
with you on your special day.  This is such a unique and adorable keepsake to throw in your box!
Here is the link to Choosing You shop on Etsy where you
 can find all of your personalized tool and spool needs!

Another foolproof trinket to include is a candle.  Everyone loves candles. Check out this adorable candle made specifically for bridesmaids that we found!
Check out the really reasonable prices here!

Lastly, include a bottle of wine—large or small.

A great shop Soirées loves to use is One Hope.  They provide personalized wine bottles with a flare! 

12-bottle case mini sparkling brut - silver
Add labels to make this already tasteful and thoughtful aspect go
above-and-beyond the usual standard!

Here at Soirées we actually have our own personal One Hope contact, so if you are ever interested in their packages, feel free to contact the office for further details.  Here is a link to their website if you wanted to see all of the products the company has to offer. One Hope Wines

If you decide to pop the question by popping some One Hope bubbly, you will need something to sip down the sweetness with.  This brings us to another great addition to your box of fun!  Personalized wine glasses, water bottles and coffee mugs are all fun ways to go!  Pictured below are some of our fav options we've found scoping Pinterest.

Step 3)
Your gals are there for you.  Now that you've got them by your side, you want to show them how thankful you are for their love and support come the day-of.  It may be you wedding day, but it is customary to gift your girls once more prior to the ceremony.  

For the crafty bride: 
DIY sparkly hanger option
If you have the time, a really touching gift for your people is a personalized scrapbook of all the memories you have shared.  This gift will take some more time, preparation and personal effort than other options, however, it will be worth its weight in gold when you get to see the look on your girls' face and they see how hard you have worked.
For the on-the-go bride:
We also understand that though you may wish you had the time or artsy skills, crafting just may not be your thing—that is totally okay too!  We still have plenty of gifting options for you!

We love this personalized rustic frame sold by!  Not only is it a unique, handcrafted piece, but it is also a way to incorporate memories that you have shared together with your girls by filling each maids' frame with a special moment the two of you have shared.  

Also, we adore thinking outside the box!  Instead of going with the typical matching pajamas theme for a cozier gift, think about sentimental Forever Blankets from Swell Forever or bridal party flannels by TeamBrideDesigns Etsy Shop.  

We are also swooning over the idea of matching monogramed round beach blankets for your girls if you're headed to a shore for or prior to the wedding.

Step 4) Helping Your Man Find His Men 
Now that you have your girls so well pampered and waiting in anticipation of the approaching date, you don't want your future hubby's groomsmen to feel left out. Here are a couple ideas to help him out!

It is customary to ask the entire bridal party within that same timeframe of anywhere between a year to eight months before your wedding.  Groomsmen gifts are less commonly heard of, however, they are a super sweet touch—and who doesn't love to be showered with gifts and honored with the opportunity to support a dear friend?

Soirées' Team has selected a few of our fun favorites!

The Mini Bar in a Jar: 
This is one of those concepts that is sweet and simple.  

It is thoughtful, yet you really cannot go wrong.  

Check out this "open bar"!

The "Man" Box: 
As you can see, this box includes everything from socks to cigars!
It even includes the fun option to let the guys make a game out of
 guesstimating the length of the speeches, etc.

Planning a wedding can be stressful, so getting your support system rounded up shouldn't have to be. 
Hopefully this guide has sparked some ideas within you as far as how you will decide to go about saying thank you to your 'I Do' crew!

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