Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Spring Break Do’s and Don’t: Bachelorette Party Edition

 Dear Bride-To-Be,

Spring break… one of the best weeks of the year! It’s one of those “holidays” we like to write in our planner with a pretty color and follow it up with stickers, highlighter, and arrows pointing all around it! Planning a Bachelorette Party during Spring Break can be a lot of fun, but we’ve come up with a few do’s and don'ts you may want to keep in mind!

Do: Let your Maid of Honor and Bridesmaids
know a few things you expect for your 
Bachelorette Party. If a stripper is a no-go,
 let the girls know! If wine is a must, 
make sure your girls have plenty in stock!

Don’t: Your Bachelorette Party is meant
 to be a close-knit group of friends you 
feel comfortable enough to let loose with. 
Don’t feel like you have to invite every
 girlfriend you ever made in college!

Do: Capture everything on camera!
 This is your “last fling before the ring” 
so you want to remember every single detail!

Don’t: While the beach can be a super
 fun environment for a girls weekend, 
during Spring Break, you may want to
 shy away from spring break hot spots. 
A less crowded beach can make for a 
classy spot to relax with your girlfriends!

Do: Choosing at least one night to get
dressed up for dinner with the girls will
serve as a great night for lots of fancy drinks
and laughter but can also serve as a great 
photo-op! You can later use these photos as
adorable “thank-you’s” to your bridesmaids!


Don’t: A bachelorette party the night 
before your wedding is never a good idea. 
Grabbing a quick drink or snack after your
rehearsal with your bridesmaids can be lots
of fun, just make sure you get a good nights 
rests to avoid tired eyes on your big day!

Your Bachelorette party should be all about YOU!  Don’t be afraid to tell your girlfriends about your dream Bachelorette Party and all YOUR do’s and don’ts! Just make sure you allow them to celebrate you the way they see fit, as well! They may have a few tricks up their sleeves that will knock you off your feet! After all, you chose them as bridesmaids for a reason, so trust them to give you some of the best nights of your life!

Happy Planning!


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