Monday, March 20, 2017

Top 5 Spring Wedding Trends

Dear Bride-To-Be,

I’m writing you today with a little extra excitement because it’s the first day of SPRING! While everyone loves the gorgeous flowers and warm weather the spring season brings, of coarse here at the Soirées office we are excited because we are in full fledge wedding mode! And we LOVE it! Here are a few things we are looking forward to this spring wedding season!

1.)  Pinks and Yellows and Blues- OH MY!
-While mutes have been the go-to colors in the past for an elegant, romantic wedding, this spring, say hello to color! Using a few pops of bright colors is a great way to wow your guests and give your wedding a little touch of extraordinary!

                Photo by: Our Ampersand Photography 

2.)  Vertical Space- the Perfect Place!
-This spring, look UP! Brides will be taking full advantage of every square inch of their venue! Hanging florals are a gorgeous way to add depth to your wedding design, plus, they are absolutely breathtaking.

                                        Photo by: Andy Baxter Photography

3.)  Enticingly Eclectic
-Can’t choose just one tabletop design? Choose them ALL! This spring, Bride’s will be shying away from the perfectly uniform past and will be moving forward with some organized mayhem! 

4.)  Metallics, Pleases!
-Metallics make a great accent and their versatility make them useful in any design scenario! This spring, metallics are here to stay! Just a little tip- don’t go overboard! A little goes a long way! Using metallic linens at the cake and guest book table should be just enough!

                         Photo by: Cinderella Photography

5.)  Sheer Bliss!
-The most important detail in any wedding is the Bride and her wedding look. This spring, brides may be showing their guests a little something extra… some skin! Sheer dress details this spring are HOT! Illusion necklines, beaded backs, and airy fabrics are perfect for this season!

Follow these tips and you’re sure to have your guests in full Spring Fever!

Happy Planning and Happy Spring!


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